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Active Pneumatic Microvibration Isolation Unit series
Active microvibration isolation unitseries is a compact device with sensor and driver included in which air actuators of superior features in frequency response, exclusively used for microvibration, are arranged in every set of two orthogonal axes. This device is capable of realizing the three functions of vibration insulation, direct disturbance suppression and position reverting simultaneously, which are indispensable to the most advanced vibration isolation system. The actuator with big stroke has excellent features of controlling position and gesture easily while insulating microvibration at the same time. In addition, the device also has many other characteristics of being able to obtain powerful output, safety, cleanness, no heat generation and no magnetic flux disclosures.
type 333, type 201, contorolier DJ70^Application Example for Microvibration Isolator 2
By employing pneumatic actuator, it is possible to obtainn high power driving capability, accurate position control as well as excellent vibration isolation performance. Notwithstanding its compact size, series shows remarkable performance for vibration isolation, direct disturbance suppression, position reverting and operability. Moreover 15 types of active isolators are available depend on the weight of payload and application, the adaptability to the loading equipment is also outstanding.
Three types depend on the requirement of the loading equipment
L type Suitable for the equipment which needs higher vibration isolation performance than direct disturbance suppression
M type Suitable for the equipment which needs similar performance level of vibration isolation and direct disturbance suppression
H type Suitable for the equipment which needs higher direct disturbance suppression performance than vibration isolation
Vibration transmissbility / Direct disturbance suppression performance
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