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Microvibration Isolation Technology Active Vibration Isolation
Microvibration control technology is a vibration reduction and shielding technology used to insulate precision instruments, such as semi-conductor production equipments and measuring instruments, and the other vibration-sensitive equipments like electron microscope from the vibration of direct disturbance and ground disturbance.
Passive Vibration Isolation Unit P2B
Tokkyokiki, who leads the field in active microvibration suppression technology in the world, has also added a new page in the revolution of passive vibration isolation technology by designing passive vibration isolation unit. The core part of this unit is its swing ball structure, which revolutionized the structure of horizontal vibration isolation devices. It is able to realize the innate cycle of 2 seconds with 10 centimeters while one meter is needed according to the pendulum theory in the past. It has the features of high vertical rigidity and excellent anisotropy, which are unable to be realized by conventional methods such as layered rubber. It provides solution to vibration problems like rocking movement and realizes the vibration isolation for low natural vibration frequency without relying on the load. In addition, its structure of direct feedback mechanical leveling and flexible orifice damper is able to improve the servo properties of air actuator and provides ideal suspension stage.
Bench Type Microvibration Isolator BLH
BLH vibration-free floating lab benches are designed especially for optical experiment and measurement applications. From active types to rubber types, the surface plates of aluminum honeycomb, steel honeycomb, stone or cast iron are available to suit a wide range of applications such as optical testing and experiments.
Desk Type Microvibration Isolator
In high-precision applications such as semiconductor manufacturing, the manufacturing, testing and measuring processes require incredible accuracy at nanometer and Angstrom level. In order to meet such kind of wants, Tokkyokiki has developed desk type microvibration isolator to provide total isolation space from super-microvibration. Its large board is designed to meet the requirements of larger, heavier devices.
Benchtop Microvibration Isolator
Simple to operate yet with excellent performance specification, the low-cost benchtop microvibration isolator also boasts its stylish design. In addition to the basic model, which provides effective vibration shielding for microscopes, surface measurement devices, and all forms of testing and measuring equipment, the benchtop series also include tailor-made models such as the clean room model (offering total protection from dust) and the optical testing model (painted black to minimize light reflection).
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